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HR Services

The need for compliance and risk management to avoid litigation is critical to owners who want to focus on their business.

Employee satisfaction in any company is dependent on its Human Resource services department. In order to deal with the nitty-gritty involved among the employees, to ensure smooth functioning of HR department, & to compensate for resource availability, companies opt for HR Resource outsourcing (HRO) or HR services.

What HR Services / HRO can do for you

HR Services / HRO helps in boosting organizational performance with many strategic benefits like eliminating the repetitive back office HR Functions, cost competitiveness and helps in maintaining strategic HR focus.

Thus, HR Services / HRO can

  • Help in structural reduction of the Human Resource Managing (HRM) cost base, by identifying the non-value adding activities and eliminate the hidden HR operations costs.

  • Help in identifying the inefficient Human Resources (HR) Administration processes and HR practices.

  • Help organizations to focus on human resource performance.

  • Help organizations to serve their employees better, as the people come first.

  • Help organizations to improve efficiency, productivity, communication, and employee morale.

Other Benefits as under :

  • No need to engage full time employee/s for the above jobs leads to savings in gross salary and other legal dues.

  • As per your requirements we will provide our services monthly / annual on lump-sum basis and we will take care of all the above obligations to be fulfilled by the employers.

  • Our goal is to provide best services to the organisation with zero complaint.


  • Help organizations to improve efficiency, productivity, communication, and employee morale.

Our Services

  • Payroll Processing

  • ESI

  • EPF & MP Act

  • Factory Act

  • Employment Act

  • Apprentice act 1961

  • Contract Labour License & Statutory Compliance Work